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At Flowerlicious we are passionate about flowers and people. With an in-depth understanding of the florist industry we are focused on creating a loyal community of freelance florists who are exceptional at what they do.

From event floristry to part-time work and temporary placements, at Flowerlicious we are experienced in placing our florists in environments in which they will thrive in order to create powerful, lasting relationships with our clients. We currently cover all London boroughs within the M25 and also overseas if required, for overseas enquiries please get in touch for more information.


Kenza Waddington



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Our Florists

We pride ourselves on working with florists who are not only passionate about what they do, but are passionate about the people they work for.

Hardworking, professional and dedicated, our florists work with creativity at the heart of everything they do, the end result is guaranteed to be something special. Each of our florists have specialised areas of expertise and that’s how we ensure a perfect fit between our clients and our florists.

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Have a question? See our FAQs below or contact us today to talk through your requirements.


How do I register for freelance jobs?

Fill our online request form or call us directly. You need to be registered as self-employed. After an initial and informal chat to discuss your work, education, experience to date and career objectives we will send you a registration form as well as our Terms and Conditions to approve and sign.

How do I register for a part time or a full time job?

We will invite you to meet us to discuss your requirements, your experience and your career objectives. A full CV, including a photocopy of your driving licence, if applicable, will be required. The registration is free.

How do I register for unpaid work experience?

People seeking student internships, school and college work experience, voluntary workers and work shadowing are welcome to register. References or a letter of introduction from schools, colleges or former employers will be required. The agency will also send you a form to fill with your details. The registration is free.

How do I get paid?

If you are self-employed, you will need to send us an invoice including your time sheet after every job placement. We can help by sending you a pro-forma invoice and a time sheet to complete. If you are placed in a full or part time position, your salary will be paid directly to you by your employer.

How do I register as a client?

Fill our online request form or call us directly. We need your company registration number or your details if you are self-employed, a copy of your public and product liability insurance and Employer’s liability if applicable. Our Terms and Conditions will be sent to you to approve and sign.

How do I pay the freelancers who are booked though the agency?

The agency will send you an invoice or you can pay the freelancers’ wages directly. In both cases, the agency’s fees will be charged. The fee is a fixed price per booking. Please call us for more details.

Can we select which temporary freelancers we want?

We will endeavour to prioritise your preferences but cannot guarantee availability of the freelance florists. If your preferences are unavailable we will ensure to book matching replacements for the level of expertise needed. A reasonable notice is highly recommended to avoid disappointment.